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Creative design solutions are at the core of our ambition to provide you with truly outstanding and highly engaging marketing material that delivers.

At Viisi we have in-house capabilities to deliver design solutions across a wide range of skills including all 2D graphic solutions as well as 3D design and motion graphics. 

We work with companies who don't have time to manage their own sales and lead generation. It's our job to give you time to be the experts you want to be. We will provide the environment for sales opportunities to happen, so all you need to do is meet the people you want!


Copywriting is the tool we use to increase your sales and enquiries across various media. Our content services build brand, develop trust, and position you as an expert in your industry. Professional and impactful, we create the results you need from your owned media.


Effective websites are key to digital marketing success. We can make yours work by bringing together our skills in design, copywriting, SEO and PPC. We can also drive new business to you through social media management, consultancy, and paid ad campaigns. Do you need content? No problem. We can provide written, audio and video content for all media, and even host webinars for you!


Aimed at well-tailored & targeted data; we design, write, print, prepare and post quality and engaging direct mail content. You may be surprised how cheap it is too! Operating direct mail campaigns at such large scale, permits us access to Royal Mail delivery rates far more cost effectively than buying a book of stamps.


Reinvigorate your marketing with video. We’ve got army veteran drone pilots, animated video creators and videographers, so it's safe to say we’ve got your video marketing requirements covered. From how-to videos and promotional videos to live on-premise action, we can work with you to create the perfect campaign. Check out one of our own promotional videos below to give you an idea of what we can produce.




In the midst of a global pandemic, four sales and marketing professionals met over networking sessions building a formidable bond and quickly discovered an opportunity to join forces to provide a complete customer creation service for clients.


With the powers of virtual networking we identified opportunities to help ambitious SME's grow through new customer development. We don’t just generate leads for you, we make sure you close them too.


Welcome to Viisi. We’re a full service sales and marketing agency doing things a little differently.


We’re a team of director-level creatives and business professionals operating across the UK and we’re ready to complete the mission at hand. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will get you there.


We’re not a traditional marketing agency, we focus on results not just output. We won’t just get you more leads; we will help you refine your sales processes and train your team to convert more new business.


We work with ambitious SME’s who want to grow through new customer development.


We specialise in the tech, healthcare, and retail sectors but we’re well positioned to help businesses in any sector who turnover £2m +, have a strong proposition and a sales team eager to achieve more.

We are focusing our time on helping businesses with big goals and a clear vision of where they want to be.


IF THAT’S YOU, let’s get working on it together. 




Steven Logan

Steven has 20 years’ experience at the sharp end of selling, proving himself successful for various businesses including 02, GE, Wincanton, Michelin, and Service Point UK. He began his career in the mobile phone business and soon built up a reputation for sealing the deal.

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Matthew Brown

Matt has 15 years’ experience in sales & marketing providing services to some of the world’s biggest brands such as Microsoft and Ford. Matt specialises in copywriting, content marketing and social media marketing but is also a proficient digital marketer and strategist.


With a passion for entrepreneurship & personal development, Matt has used his personal blog in this area to build a readership from 100+ countries.


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