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WIN £1000



So, we like to think we’re a pretty good team. Not just at work, but on the golf course too.


But, have you got the beating of us?

We have made Stratford Park Hotel & Golf Club our home for our golf meetings as it’s (kind of) in the middle of our two bases, North and South. It should also make it not too much hassle for our illustrious visitors.

Will you and your business be one of them?

Take us on and WIN £1,000 WORTH OF SERVICES. Obviously the bragging rights are more important, but we’re prepared to put a lot on the line besides that. It’s not going to be easy though, have you got what it takes to take us down?

The format:


2 x 4BBB matches, a point for each match winner. Win both, take the prize. Simple!

In the event of a tie (1-1 draw), we will use the highest accumulated individual stableford scores for each team to decide the winner. For this reason there is no ‘gimmes.’ If by some miracle it’s still a tie after that, we have one final challenge up our sleeve to decide the winner.

No matches will end in a draw!

The forfeit:

Fail to win the challenge and there will be consequences. It has to work both ways. After all, we’re putting £1,000 on the line…

Lose, and you need to pay for the Viisi team’s night out – the traditional post golf beers and Indian.


We’d be thrilled if you would join us for the evening too, but will you end up paying twice?

Take the challenge!

Create the most formidable team of golfers to represent your brand as you can and come and take us on. You need to attend as the owner/director but feel free to make up the rest of your team using staff, clients, or other associates for a great day’s competition and fun, with some light business chat thrown in too.

If you win, we want to make sure you get as much value as possible for your time and effort so it would be great to learn more on the course about how we could help you grow your business.

Register your interest below today and we will be in touch!

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