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If you’re a new start-up or an established business looking to get to the next level, your digital strategy will help establish your online identity. To leverage your business successfully we can create you:

  • ​Engaging social media graphics

  • Fast mobile & tablet optimised websites

  • E-commerce websites

  • Motion graphics

  • Animated walkthroughs

  • 3D integrated virtual reality walk throughs

These digital solutions will amplify the credibility of your business, build your brand equity, and help you attract new clients.



We design and build attractive, effective websites that become the foundation of our clients’ digital marketing strategies. Website design is the single most important thing to get right in your digital marketing, and when this is backed up with professional copywriting, the results quickly follow.

We will show off your brand as you live and breathe it, we will put emphasis on the customer journey, and get all the key messaging and content right to turn your browsers into buyers. Getting your website design right is just the start of the journey, not the finish line. It’s imperative to develop a digital marketing strategy to get people on to your shiny new site. That’s where the rest of our services come in, to help drive traffic and get those new enquiries flooding in.

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Before you embark on any new social media activity you need to understand exactly what your social media objectives are. Do you want to bring in new business/enquiries, add credibility, provide information, or just keep a presence in front of your audience? Figure this out first, then come and speak to us and we will design a service to meet your needs.

Our social media management services include:

  • Reviewing and optimising existing profiles/pages

  • Creating new, organic content to share

  • Posting regular content on all your social media channels

  • Engaging with relevant accounts

  • Developing strategy

  • Monthly or quarterly reports

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If you have the time, talent, and resource to manage your own social media in-house, we can provide consultancy to bolster your efforts. This could be strategic assistance, content creation, training & coaching, workshops, or a combined effort with your team to manage your activity and campaigns.

It’s a smart idea to combine our social media management and consultancy services. This allows you to develop your knowledge and post authentic content created in-house to give your audience more insight into your business on a deeper level. We can then work on the high-level campaigns, any paid media, and advanced content creation to attract new people to the party.



Social media isn’t just about socialising anymore, it’s mainstream media. And like any other mainstream media platform, you need to pay for advertising if you want a greater level of attention. It’s no secret that organic reach on social media has fallen off a cliff, meaning your standard posts will no longer get the attention that you need – unless you have built up a large and obsessed army of fans and followers already.

If you’re starting fresh or don’t have a large audience on social media, you need to run paid ads, it’s as simple as that if you want to bring in new business from your social media efforts. Whether it’s a one-off campaign or an ongoing relationship, the social media experts at Viisi can help. We can create all forms of content, define specific audiences, select the right ad product on each platform, and design optimum ads to get you results.

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We have two specific tools that we use to harness the power of automation to drive new prospect development.

We offer an intelligent LinkedIn automated bot that connects with the people you want to meet, engages with them via direct message and in the feed, and then we pass the leads generated on to you to develop from there. Need help closing leads or with your sales process? We can help.

We also have our highly sophisticated, market-leading chatbot that we plug in to your website to find and filter leads without you having to lift a finger. It can ask website visitors specific questions, engage in responses, and then pass you qualified leads. These are two incredibly powerful tools to support your core digital marketing activity.

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Where do people go to when they have a problem and need a solution? The internet. And specifically, Google. Having SEO and PPC as part of your strategy helps you find new clients from a different angle than most other marketing channels. This is where your customers come to you, rather than you trying to get in front of them – as you do with Facebook Ads or email marketing, for example. Approaching your digital marketing from both angles is incredibly powerful if your budget allows.

We are specialists in optimising your website for SEO and developing PPC campaigns to get the right new visitors onto your website so that it can work its magic and generate those all-important new enquiries for you.

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We produce and deliver effective email campaigns with engaging content that show your reader that you’re an expert in your field, an expert in the subject at hand, and that you understand their industry and what matters to them.


Put all these attributes together and you will get the results that you want.


We’re strong believers in highly personalised and tailored content to each and every prospect you want to reach. If it’s not relevant, it’ll get ignored. If it even reaches their mailbox in the first place!

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We source, research, clean and profile marketing data to meet a vast array of campaign demands.

To kick your next sales or marketing campaign off to the right start, you can rely upon our GDPR-compliant data lists to get your message in front of the right target personas.

We source our data from our sister company or if they aren’t the right fit for your data needs, we have a highly reputable network of other data partners.

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The secret lead generation tool of 2020! We can host live webinars for you with a panel consisting of you, a client of yours (where possible), and any relevant independent industry experts. During the webinar we will introduce your product/service, explain the main benefits of your product/service, and provide some valuable thought leadership/content related to your industry. We will then follow this up with an interactive Q&A session with your potential customer base.

Viisi webinars are bespoke services. We can be as involved as much or as little as you want. From just hosting on the day, to organising the panel, the registration process, attracting the attendees, and following up leads. We know what works every step of the way, so if you want to leave all the organisation and promotion to us whilst you focus on handling all the new enquiries, that’s just fine. It’s what we’re here for.

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Showing your company off at events? Your pre-event content and marketing campaigns needs to have a big impact. The content you have on your banners, stands, leaflets and brochures will make the difference between a successful event and an expensive lesson, so you need to have all this in order well in advance too.

​Hiring professional copywriters and experienced EXPO designers from Viisi is an investment worth making. We can help you market your attendance to your target audience and help generate interest and meetings in advance of the big day. Get everything in place before the day and start the show from an already enviable position.

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We record, direct, edit and produce quality video content for use across your website, social media, and other digital marketing campaigns.

​We like to use a face-to-face interview style, collecting answers to pre-scripted questions formed off camera. This format positions you as the experts that you are with your audience, allows you to add value, and generates interest. It also helps us avoid hours of editing so we can turnaround each video quickly for you.

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